How to Run Faster: Speed Workout Any Sport !

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How to improve your Speed to RUN & Sprint Faster for Any Sport! This video was highly requested! I am an 800 Meter runner but here I will show you guys the type of workouts I do to work on my speed. I Also run the 400 Meter Dash, so it is important that I have a decent sprint to keep up with the 100/200 Meter runners who also run the 400. – “How to start running for beginners” + 200M workout:
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No mater what sport you play, this is a good workout for you. I feel this way because this workout trains you to run fast when your are already tired. The concept of this speed workout is to get faster each rep. So each rep has to be faster than the one before. These are the types of workouts my Track coach had our team do.

I know these type of workouts will help you get faster because I went from running a 54 seconds 400 Meter dash all the way down to 50 seconds doing these kinds of workouts, AND i’m not even a sprinter, I’m a guy who runs cross country!

So NO Matter what sport you play, if you are trying to get faster, I recommend you implement these types of workout into your routine. I will upload more workouts that are of this style so please be sure to subscribe and hit the Like Button If you want to see & learn more workouts like this one. Thanks for watching!!
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– Rashaad Rahh
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