How to Improve your Running Stamina & Endurance Workout – Track and Field

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You can improve your running Stamina and Endurance by doing simple workouts like this! This is a Speed Endurance workout that can lead to faster 800 meter times for middle distance runners & 400 meter runners TOO! Overall this would be a good workout to build your base no matter what sport you do.
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For this workout I’ll begin with 1,000 meters, then i’ll do 800 meters, and lastly i’ll do a fast 400 meter dash. The idea of this workout is to run faster each interval. Running a shorter distance each interval allows for my body to adjust and run faster each one. That is why I feel like this is a good workout.
I usually do one last interval of a 200 after the 400, but I didn’t to keep the video short. If you’re a 800 meter runner, try one last 200 Meter dash after the 400 and make it like 28/29.seconds if you plan on running under 2 flat

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