Speed and Agility Drills with NFL Players

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Elite athlete trainers talk about the importance of speed and agility drills training for quickness in football. Together these drills form the core of all performance training activities. Travelle Gaines of Performance Gaines has his athletes including Chastin West and Ryan Matthews work out with agility cones, speed hurdles, lateral resistors, speed chutes, and other football training aids to improve technique, get maximum acceleration and reach top speed. 0:15 Travelle Gaines introduces himself.0:20 Watch athletes warm up for speed and agility drills.0:30 Performance training is speed, agility and quickness.0:45 Athletes running through some speed and agility drills0:52 Use the quicksteps to enhance agility and speed.1:00 Wide receiver Chastin West tells you the drills he performs.1:25 Elite athletic trainer Juan Walden explains ladder and footwork drills.1:33 Juan Walden explains the difference between a 1 year football career versus a 7 year career.2:20 Hurdles make speed and agility drills more challenging for more improvement.2:35 Hip flexor resistance is important to train for all legs movements.2:36 Quick ladders are used at all levels for development.===========================Get your sports training aids at http://www.SKLZ.com