5 Challenging Agility Cone Drills

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SKLZ Agility Cones are indispensable tools for football fitness training, and training in all team and individual sports. Cones provide an obstacle for a player to move around. The cones can be arranged in many configurations to diversify the training drills.

This video gives detailed instruction on a variety of cone drills including:

0:40 Try the Pro Agility Cone Drill. (also known as the 5-10-5)
1:22 Learn the 3-Cone Drill and play like the pros. (often used in the NFL Combine)
2:02 The Linear W-Sprint Drill with agility cones helps develop speed.
2:35 Improve your side-to-side ability with Lateral W-Slides Drill using agility cones
3:01 Enhance your speed with the Lateral W-Sprint Drill.
3:30 Run the Figure 8 Drill around SKLZ Agility Cones and improve your control.

Shows each drill in real-time and slow-motion to capture proper posture and technique. Cones are some of the most popular items of football training equipment among NFL and college teams. Up the ante on your training routine with a set of cones from SKLZ.

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