How was your weekend running?

Come and share your triumphs, woes, PBs, questions and next week’s winning lottery numbers below the line as always

I was pondering the issue, the other day, of what’s worth spending money on when it comes to running. The purists (or inverse snobs) will tell you that all you need is a pair of cheap plimsolls and the outdoors, and you are good to go. Fair enough if you can run in those things – I couldn’t even do PE at school in them. My personal view is that when it co…

How was your weekend running?

Racing, training or starting a December running streak? As always, share your running stories from the weekend below the line

And to think I could have been freezing my toes off doing cross country in a muddy Surrey field this weekend … Instead, I am in Barbados (sorry) having just run the 10k (Saturday night) and the half marathon (Sunday morning, 12 hours later) and I can honestly say that a) I’ve never sweated so much in my life and b) never run so slowly with such en…

Sprinting: 'It's just fun. So much fun!'

While the running world seems to be offering longer and longer races, perhaps it’s time for us to take a step back and appreciate the joys of sprinting

I tell almost everyone I know the same story about sprinting. After school, we would race to the local shop for sweets before running back and sitting on the track eating them out of paper bags. As the PE teacher walked into our line of vision, we’d wipe our sticky hands on our shorts and start legging it around the track…

Paying a coach won’t make you run faster – listening to one will

Even if you’re not an elite athlete, surrounding yourself with the advice and support of a coach could change your performance dramatically

Running coaches are just for fast runners aren’t they? I’m not good enough to have a coach. I don’t have enough time to do all the running a coach would want me to do.

Maybe the idea of a coach has crossed your mind but you’ve dismissed it for one of these reasons. But the world of running coaching is becoming more and m…

How was your weekend running?

Share your frosty parkruns, epic PBs and injury woes below the line as always – and salute a real running hero

To run one sub-three marathon may be regarded as impressive. To run three in as many months – four in the year – looks like awesomeness. People of the running blog, take your winter running caps off for Gill. 2hr 53min at Florence marathon yesterday, finishing off that sub-3 streak with a PB.

To put that in context, the first two of those marathons were withi…

Running cross country: what you need to know

Last year I had to sit out all but one race of the cross country season with an injury, so this time round I was adamant I wasn’t going to make the same mistake. Having a good winter of running through mud was a top priority when I made the decision to drop out my half.

When I talk to runners about cross country, their reaction is often one of fear. I think. Lot of people were put off running altogether by memories of doing cross country at school, and they really don…

How was your weekend running?

Planning an advent running streak? Come and share your arbitrary rules below the line, as well as your weekend adventures, as always

Anyone else planning on an advent running streak? Don’t worry, I won’t bring up the C-word, but there are only nine days left of November … I certainly will be, if only to help justify the odd extra mince pie. Or entire panettone. Ahem.

The ‘rules’ of a running streak can obviously be made up as you go along (as all good rules …


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Indoor cycling and much sweating

Since The Iron Person, I’ve viewed my bike as a mode of transport. The long hours spent in the saddle training for triathlons took the fun out of it for me, so I haven’t done any long rides in the past couple of years.

I clock up 50 miles on the bike some weeks but this is cycling around town at a casual speed going to and from appointments. And though it’s nice to think I’m propelling myself a few miles instead of sitting on a train or bus, I don&#8…