Blood testing for amateur runners: is it worth it?

New technology offers more and more data on performance, even for amateurs. But is blood testing just a path to worry, and potentially worse?

Six months of waiting. A year of training. Perhaps a lifetime of dreaming. The race is finally underway, yet you feel rundown and lacklustre. There is a scientific term for it, but let’s just call it a bad race day. Everyone has experienced it, from Paula Radcliffe to yours faithfully (occasional amateur).

The next generat…

How was your weekend running?

Ever been chased down by a driver in a race? Sounds like the stuff of nightmares but it’s what awaits participants in the Wings for Life World Run. As always, share your weekend woes and triumphs below the line.

It feels a bit like cheating, but in the interests of full disclosure, I’m this before the weekend. On Saturday I’m off to Japan, for a holiday and to do the Wings for Life World Run. That being the case, I’m tempted to invent a fantasy weekend of running. 5k…

London Marathon: Charlotte’s story

After Charlotte finished her first marathon on Sunday, I asked her to share some words here. Here’s her advice to budding marathoners.

Last Sunday I joined the ranks of London marathon finishers. I ran a consistent pace all the way, and even persuaded my tired legs to speed up fractionally at the end, whilst raising £2300 for Age UK in the process. Here are some of the steps on my journey to first-time marathon runner.

To begin

– Relax (but make a plan a…

He’s Back – EM Athlete Vincent Brown Returns to the Chargers

Philip Rivers will have a new wide receiver at his disposal when the Chargers return to practice on Wednesday.

It’s also a familiar face.

The Bolts signed former third round selection Vincent Brown on Tuesday, who caught 60 passes for 801 yards and three touchdowns over 30 games with the team from 2011-13

A 5-11, 195-pound product out of San Diego State, Brown caught 19 passes for 329 yards and a pair of TDs in 14 games as a rookie.  Unfortunately, he …

Guest post: 4 ways to feel less stuck and make decisions that feel good

My friend Liz Goodchild, who you may remember from the New Year podcast, helps people make changes in their life and has written a guest post.


Being stuck is horrible.

And gritted-teeth frustrating.

Being stuck sits just below the surface of your life and it creeps up slowly, weaving its way in. You don’t notice it at first, but over time, you start to notice that each morning, as you wake up (by the ERGH ERGH ERGH ERGH of an alarm clock you w…

Are you neglecting your warm up?

Hand up if this is familiar: your running plan says something like ‘5 mile tempo run plus 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down’. You’ve looked at it and read ‘5 miles at tempo’ and not really factored in the other two miles, so when lunchtime comes or the early morning alarm sounds you realise you don’t have time for 7 miles.

What to do? You weigh it up. 3 miles tempo doesn’t pose the challenge you know you need, so you decide to cut…

How was your weekend running?

Who clocked up a parkrun PB, or a sprightly 10k? Or are you also ramping up the mileage for a spring marathon? As always, share all your woes, aches, niggles and fears below the line – I’ve installed a virtual foam roller down there too.

My week in the sun is starting to seem like a dream already – though I did time it nicely to coincide with the worst of the winter weather. This weekend was back very much to life as normal – track session Saturday, long run Sunday. Thoug…

Giving up, but not giving in

I had grand plans at the start of the year, a few weeks ago, and we’re not even at the end of January and I’m rethinking them.

I entered the South Downs Way 50 in the summer last year, and at the time I was really excited about it. And then came Bournemouth and the disappointment of that race and I hoped my leg would be ok to start training for SDW50, and worried that it wouldn’t be.

It took a while to get back up and running again, but gradually, …

Top 10 EM Athlete Moments of 2015

The annual EM countdown of the 10 most memorable moments created by EM Athletes in 2015.  This year accomplishments range from World Series Champs to Travel Ball domination to Team USA Gold Medals.  This year for the first time two EM Athletes faced off against each other in the MLB World Series, a testament of the type of athletes that have become part of the EM family.  Although there were so many moments that deserve recognition, we had to pick 10 so .. Here is the countdo…